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Summer Shirt

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Soft and comfort Simple, meet stylish
Spread collar
Suitable for outgoing oroffice wear

*这款衬衫是不容易皱的布料, 前长后短设计 


*Measurements allowed error 1-3cm 

Backorder Status: PINK AND BEIGE

Batch 2 Update Date: 30 MAY 2021 4.00pm
Stock are estimate to arrive by 14 JUNE 2021

Batch 3  Update Date: 5 JUNE 2021 10PM
Stock are estimate to arrive by 19 JUNE 2021

Batch 4  Update Date: 10 JUNE 2021 10AM
Stock are estimate to arrive by 24 JUNE 2021

Batch 5  Update Date: 15 JUNE 2021 10AM
Stock are estimate to arrive by 30 JUNE 2021

P/S: Due to during FMCO, the stock may affect the estimate delivery time. Thanks for understanding. We will Sent off Your Parcel as soon as possible.

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